Looking for paint brushes of various sizes/widths that would be good for oil or acrylic-based paints.
Any Barbie-style dolls, any brand or make or type, any condition. Cut/burned hair, melted parts, missing limbs or heads, colored/dyed/painted, all OK. I don't need the clothes or accessories. May be willing to pay shipping if you have 10+.
Looking for Baby Gerber Food Jars for a school project. They need to have leads.
Hello, I'm making shelves and need to sand down the wood. If you have a spare sanding block you're looking or willing to get rid of, I'd be most appreciative. Thanks!
8 unit ground level condo complex
Seeking any size glass candle holders (especially votive), and seeking unused white candles (votive size or larger)
Hello Neighbors, My heating bills have been nuts so I'm trying to insulate my attic. Does anyone have any extra insulation? I'll take what I can get! Thanks in advance, Tom
Dear Neighbors, I'm winterizing my house and could use more insulation for my attic. If you have any you don't need, could I pretty please have it? It's getting so cold out!
Hello: anyone getting rid of a decent camera/video tripod and/or a lavalier/lapel mic? My stuff got stolen, I'm a little broke right now so i'm asking (and if you need some video production help let me know! Cheers Chef
I am looking for a full size headboard for my daughter. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone had one for us.
Anyone have a roku they no longer use? Wanted to try to cut my cable bill... Thanks for checking!
Looking for clear cut glass bowls on pedestal. About 8-9" wide and 6-7" tall, or anything close to this. These are to be used as center pieces. Thank you.
Hi. If anyone had any baby toys for my infant daughter it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Just bought a record player and am after records to listen to on it! Interested in any and all genres. Can pick up almost any time.
Looking for any usable GENUINE HP 950 or 951 printer cartridges with even a bit of ink left in them. Running low on mine and really cannot afford new replacements
We are looking for a 14-16 inch FULLY FUNCTIONAL TV w/REMOTE.
I'm looking for plastic bags that I can use for cleaning out cat litter. We have been so efficient at reducing our plastic consumption, and now face a dwindling supply of bags to use! If anyone wants to get rid of a stash of plastic grocery bags, please let me know! I can pick up on the north side of Chicago
Science teacher looking for an aquarium pump to make bubbles. Not for use in an aquarium, so as long as it can make bubbles, it doesn't matter the condition! Thanks!
I am looking for a floor lamp in decent condition! We recently moved into a new house that has very little overhead lighting in the main space and we only have one lamp.
Long story short, I lived in a tent in Colorado for 8 months and I loved it. I work full time, going back to school and I'd like to save some money. Looking for a good Christian soul to let me put my canvas tent up in their back yard.
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